Colio Estate Wines Inc.

Since opening its doors in 1980, Colio Estate Wines has won over 500 awards in competitions around the globe. Our white wines are expressive and refreshing, our sparkling wine vivacious, and our reds are robust. Our picturesque winery is located in Harrow, the heart of Southwestern Ontario wine country.

Our 200 acre vineyard is located at a latitude similar to Northern California and the Tuscany region in Italy. With one of the longest growing seasons in Canada, the premium vinifera varietals, particularly the reds, have more time to ripen on the vine resulting in rich and intense wines.

Visit our winery and enjoy a walk through the beautiful vineyards and a wine tasting in our Hospitality Centre.

Winery Information

Colio Estate Winery

1 Colio Drive

Harrow, ON

N0R 1G0

Phone: 519-738-2241


Winemaker: Allison Christ

  • Colio Estate Wines Bricklayer’s Reward RIESLING 2017 with Grilled Peach Shortcake.
  • Colio Bricklayers Reward '20 Barrels' Chardonnay with Chicken Francaise.
  • Backroads Greenway White 2017 with Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup.
  • Bricklayers Reward 2016 Herringbone Red Meritage with Mustard-Crumbed Salmon.
  • Colio Bricklayers Foundation 2016 Chardonnay with Lobster Poutine.