Erie Shore Vineyard

Erie Shore Vineyard is owned, operated and established by Harvey & Alma Hollingshead. Established in 1994, the first vines were planted in 1997 and the winery open to the public in 2002.

Erie Shore Vineyard has been producing handcrafted, critically acclaimed and award winning wines since their opening using wine grapes carefully grown in their ideally located vineyard, at the 42nd N parallel on the banks of Lake Erie.

We are an estate winery, meaning we make wine only from grapes grown here at Erie Shore Vineyard. This gives us flavours that can be different and deeper than you may taste elsewhere.

Flavour, while determined by the genetics of the grape, is greatly affected by the location – its climate, soil and sunshine. It is also determined by the cultural practices of the growers, and greatly enhanced by the winemaker.

We invite you to taste the authentic, distinctive and outstanding flavours in our wines that our passion and ideal micro-climate create!


Winery Information

Erie Shore Vineyard

410 County Road 50 West
Harrow Ontario
519 738 9858


  • Erie Shore Vineyard 2018 Beacon and Halibut with Mushrooms, Garlic & Vermouth.
  • Erie Shore Vineyard 2017 Riesling Dry with Pan Fried Haddock in a Basil and Citrus Butter Sauce.
  • Erie Shore Vineyard 2016 Sandbar Reserve with Cauliflower Shawarma Buddha Bowl.
  • Erie Shore Vineyard Duet Reserve with Mediterranean Baked Feta w Tomatoes
  • Erie Shore Riesling Off Dry with Lobster at New Years!
  • Erie Shore Vineyards 2013 Erie Shore Cab with Ground Turkey Fajitas.
  • Erie Shore Vineyard 2013 Blanc de Blancs with One Pan Ratatouille.
  • Erie Shore 2015 Vidal with Apple Walnut Cranberry Salad