Cured Craft Brewing Co.

About Cured Craft Brewing Co.

The building in which this brewery will operate was built in 1911 by Mr. William Gregory who came to Leamington from North Carolina to teach Canadian farmers how to flue cure their tobacco crops. This brought significant change to the industry and allowed consumers to enjoy products in a new way.

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The new owners of the building have different skills that give to our community in a variety of ways. Mr. Scott Bradt has been sharing his passion for the art of true craft butchery for over thirty years and has created and sought out many fine cured products for his customers to enjoy while appreciating the craft of his industry. Mrs. Lisa Bradt has used her hands, heart and knowledge as a registered nurse over the past twenty years to cure critically injured patients within her care with the goal of returning them to the ability to enjoy the simple things in life once again.

It brings us profound joy for us to introduce to you, Cured Craft Brewing Co. A culmination of all of our varied curing skills demonstrated over time, but most importantly, a comfortable destination for people to gather and enjoy each others company. May you cherish the history of this property while embracing and supporting its future use. The foods and beverages will be crafted (using some industry changing cured malts) with you in mind and it is our sincere hope that you, your friends and families will enjoy many great times together here...while taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Cheers­čŹ╗...From Cured!

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Cured Craft Brewing Co.
43 Mill Street West
Leamington, ON N8H 1S7