Banded Goose Brewing Company

Banded Goose Brewing Company (BgB) is the brewing 'wing' of JACKS GROUP. Proudly brewing locally sourced craft beers at JACKS Gastropub, 31 Division St South, since 2013.

At JACKS Gastropub we LOVE BEER & work hard at creating & supporting the Craft Beer culture. This industry is expanding in our own backyards, county, province & STAND TALL CANADA, cause we know our BEER, eh!

Our beer manifesto is "to create unique, flavourful beers that have a good story to tell as a result of our adherence to good brewing practices and partnering with local resources".

January 2019 marked the expansion of our BgB concept to 15 Main St West. Here, BgB is home to our Taproom, Bean15 Coffee Lounge, Distinctive Inns of Kingsville's Concierge & Welcome Desk and seven (7) Brewery Loft Suites on the second floor. During the summers you can also enjoy our Outdoor Alley Patio & street food by our Food Truck. BLACKJACKS.

519.733.6900, or Facebook: Banded Goose Brewing Company

Jack’s Gastropub & Inn31 – 15 Main Street West , Kingsville, ON

  • Banded Goose Brewing Company Koi Sushi Rice Helles with Radish, Cucumber, and Peach Salad.
  • Banded Goose Brewing Kicka Ginger Beer with Slow Cooker Honey Lime Ginger Pork.
  • Banded Goose Brewing Co. Black IPA with Tortilla Chip-Crusted Baked Jalapeño Poppers.
  • Banded Goose Brewing Co S'Mash Pumpkin Ale with Sticky Wings.
  • Banded Goose Brewery Nut Brown Ale with Flambeed Baked Alaska.