The Grove Brew House Paradise Lager with Mushroom and Sausage Gnocchi

Bruce 2019, Lager, The Grove Brewhouse

Welcome to Paradise!!! 🤗

Grove Brew House Paradise Lager delivers that ☀️sunny day feeling on a rainy day!

Cheers 🍻


Mushroom and Sausage Gnocchi



Complete recipe at Canadian Living




The Grove Brew House Paradise Lager

**2018 ONTARIO BREWING AWARDS – SILVER & CANADIAN BREWING AWARDS – BRONZE**  When Hiram Walker built the Lake Erie Railway, he built one track that specifically transported his workers to a place called “Paradise Grove”. Being right on the water and covered with green space, Walker’s established this area prime real estate for vacationing. This place is modern-day Kingsville. We crafted this clean and crisp lager to reflect Walker’s intentions, giving our community a taste of paradise.


clean & crisp.

light colour.

just a touch of hops.

4.5% ABV