Pets at Essex County Wineries & Breweries

As the warm weather is here everyone begins to question where can i bring my pet. We have reached out to your local Essex County Wineries & Breweries and many of them have responded. Keep returning to this post as we will keep it updated.

Wagner Orchards

Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards

  • Yes we welcome all pets and children to CHV.  Huge property with a playground for families to stay and enjoy the grounds. 

Colio Estate Winery

  • We are dog friendly on the property but we do not allow dogs inside the retail store. They are more than welcome to bring their flight of wine outside so they are able to roam the grounds or sit outside under the covered pavilion or there are Adirondack chairs out front that they are able to enjoy their wine tasting with their fury companion’s !

Pelee Island Winery & Pavilion

  • At both of our locations Kingsville & Pelee Island Pavilion we allow dogs in all outdoor areas of the winery. We just ask that they are leashed. We have dog bowls available on site filled with water for dogs as well.

Walkerville Brewery

  • We allow 4-legged friends on our patio – open 7 days a week!

The Grove Brewhouse

  • Pets are allowed on the patio only – must be leashed and allow staff to give unlimited pets and belly scratches.

Muscedere Vineyards

Dancing Swallows Vineyards

Erie Shore Vineyard

  • As we have 3 farm dogs on the property we are cautious about having other dogs and pets on the property so we would prefer people to leave their pets at home.

Viewpointe Winery

  • Friendly leashed pets are welcome!

Vivace Estate Winery

  • Yes, we are pet friendly winery! Thank you!

Sandwich Brewing Company

VIN Winery

  • We do allow pets on the patio, any pets! lol
  • we ask that they stay on a leash

Craftheads Brewing Company

Frank Brewing Co.

Chapter Two Brewing

GL Heritage Brewery

  • We have always been pet-friendly (since we opened in July 2017!) and we encourage guests to bring their fur-babies on a leash to our brewery AND to our weekly Amherstburg Farmers Market (Saturdays 9am-1pm).
  • We have an expansive patio and large grassland area for pets to frolic and there are always bowls ready to fill with water and some treats available to share to interested pups.
  • Our spent grains go to a local dog treat maker, who ensure the ingredients are fresh and healthy. GL Heritage has also conducted various fundraisers for the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society to help ensure local animals are cared for and provided happy homes.

Sprucewood Shores Winery

Cured Craft Brewing Company

Banded Goose Brewing

Kingsville Brewery at the Lake Patio

~ Basic Pet Policy ~

  • Friendly, leashed animals are welcome to attend, but aggressive or
    uncontrollable animals are not.
  • Take note of the designated potty areas.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash.
  • Pet owners must clean up if accidents occur.
  • Understand that in bringing your pet into the Winery or Brewery that you are doing so at your sole risk, cost and expense. Any harm that comes to the animal shall be solely your responsibility.
  • You shall be solely liable and held responsible should any injury occur to any person, other animal or property as a result of the behaviour of your animal(s) whether expected or unexpected.
  • If your animal shows any potential for hostility toward people or other animals, you will be asked to remove the animal.

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